2015 Center of Excellence Leadership Conference

Travel and Expense Reimbursement
All reimbursements are to be submitted post-conference with original full receipts submitted electronically by March 15th, 2015; please download a copy of the reimbursement form.

NPF will reimburse travel expenses up to $1,000 per center. Please note this figure is per center – rather than per traveler – to cover reasonably priced airfare, taxi and airport parking if submitted with a receipt. Two representatives from each Center in the U.S. and Canada (a Medical Director and a Coordinator) and one representative from each Center outside North America are invited to attend.  Last minute travel booking (less than two weeks) which exceeds the allowed amount may not be approved for reimbursement. 

  • For US and Canadian COE attendees: NPF will reimburse domestic travel expenses up to US$1000* per Center of Excellence for 2 representatives, this includes the Medical Director and Center Coordinator. Please note this figure is per center rather than per traveler. 
  • For COE attendees from outside North America: NPF will reimburse up to US$1000* in travel for the Medical Director.
  • Make travel arrangements as soon as possible to obtain the most economical airfare and flight availability.
  • All airfare must be purchased no later than January 5th, 2015
  • Any airfare purchased 2 weeks before the event will not be reimbursed
  • NPF will cover 2 nights (Thursday and Friday) for the two representatives at each center unless pre-approved.
  • Additional Center representatives are welcome to attend the conference if Centers will cover additional travel and hotel expenses.
  • Conference meals will be provided by NPF; this includes hotel dinner on Thursday, all meals on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
  • Meals served outside of the NPF Center of Excellence Leadership Conference will not be reimbursed.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed
  • NPF will reimburse ground transportation for taxi, train, bus and parking, NPF will not reimburse car rentals.
  • For attendees from outside North America,NPF will reimburse up to $1,000 in travel for the Medical Director unless pre-approved
  • Reimbursement form must be submitted by March 15th, 2015 with all original full receipts submitted electronically. Reimbursements will not be paid if submitted after the deadline.

Download presentations from the 2015 Centers Leadership Conference:

Welcome and NPF Update by Joyce Oberdorf

Balancing Guidelines vs Expertise in Clinical Care:Lessons from the Ebola Outbreak by Marshall Lyon

Parkinson's Outcomes Project - PD20 Cohort by Anhar Hassan, MBBCH

Clinical Research Priorities in Parkinson's Disease by Allan Tobin, MD

"Prion-like Propagation of Alpha-Synuclein Pathology" by Edward Fon, MD, FRCP(c)

Roundtable Discussion - Disease- and Treatment-Related Contributions to Cognition in Parkinson's Disease by Daniel Weintraub, MD

Roundtable Discussion - Cholinergic Function and Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease by Joe Quinn, MD

Roundtable Discussion - Managing Cognitive Issues as PD Advances by Laura Marsh, MD

COE Changes 2015-2016 by Peter Schmidt, PhD

The Role of a Nurse in a Parkinson's Disease Center by Joan Gardner, RN, BSN & Lisa Mann, RN, BSN

The Future of Neuromodulation by Mahlon DeLong, MD

Parkinson's Outcomes Project - Intro by Connie Marras, MD

Depression by Danny Bega, MD

Exercise by Tanya Simuni, MD

Update on Hospitalization by Michael Okun, MD

Falls Studies in the Parkinson's Project by Sotirios Parashos, MD, PhD

Site Visits Identifying by Mark Guttman, MD

The Navigator Model for Parkinson's by Anne-Louise Lafontaine, MD, FRCPC

A Comprehensive Approach to Parkinson's Disease by Stewart Factor, DO

Ongoing Telemedicine Research and Clinical Care Efforts for Parkinson's Disease by Kevin Biglan, MD

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