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There are so many ways you can help beat Parkinson’s disease as part of Team Hope. We would love to have you on board. Team Hope staff are always available to assist you with your event. Below you will find some resources and tips to help plan your event, recruit supporters, and get the most out of your fundraising efforts no matter what you want to do – from hosting a cooking class to starting a local tennis championship.


Ideas and Tips

Visit our Page of Ideas and find if any of the ideas listed stand out to you! We designed this page to help you brainstorm ideas!


We know you are excited to start raising money for our cause. Before you get started, please read our fundraising guidelines.


Every fundraiser is unique in its own way. One might require months of planning while another might only take two weeks. Here is an example timeline for a walk event that you can simplify to fit your own event! Simply email for the excel document.

Collecting Funds

NPF provides tax receipts only to donors (not sponsors) if we have their names, addresses, and amount donated.

How to Publicize Your Fundraiser

Not sure how to get the word out for your fundraiser? We have you covered with a basic plan for how to start publicizing to your community.


To help you move forward with your event, here are brief descriptions of free resources you can use provided for community fundraisers. We have divided these resources into different sections to make the information easier to follow.

Acknowledgement Letter

To bring credibility to your request to sponsors, we provide a letter for your fundraiser that you may show them. Acknowledgement letters are given only to community fundraisers who turn in an event proposal. To view a sample acknowledgement letter, please click here.

Personal Fundraising Page

A fundraising page is an easy and effective way to share your story with friends and family. You can put up pictures, send emails through your page, and also track your fundraising progress. We hope you find this as useful as our past fundraisers! View an example of a personal fundraising page.

If you would like to set up a fundraising page, please contact:
Team Hope for Parkinson’s
Ph: (305) 537-9951

NPF Online Calendar

To help spread news of your event, feel free to use our online calendar to post up your event information. Before it is available to our online community, it will be screened by our web specialist before being put up.

NPF Team Hope Logo

To use our logo, we ask simply that you clarify that this fundraising event is “to benefit of the National Parkinson Foundation”. Along the same lines, the NPF logo must be smaller in all circumstances than your event logo. To view available logos, please consult our online Media Kit.

NPF Brochures

Here are the latest NPF publications and brochures that you can order online for free.

Media Advisory

To start distributing your event information to the media outlets in your area, please email for a media advisory template.

Post-Event Release

Any event that raises awareness for Parkinson’s disease deserves to be highlighted! Fill in this post-event release and share it with your local media outlets. Feel free to share this release with us by sending it to:

Sara Teeter
Community Fundraising and Special Events Manager
Ph: (305) 537-9951

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