Do you see Parkinson’s patients in your practice? If so, the issue of sexuality and sexual difficulties posed by PD may become a topic of discussion between you and your patient. This webinar was designed for health care professionals, and is offered for CME credit through February 2011.

Watch now and find out:
• how to suggest practical solutions to sexual difficulties
• how to increase your comfort level in discussing sexuality with patients, and
• how to address related problems such as stress that may influence sexual health

Speaker Gila Bronner MPH.,  MSW., is a certified sex therapist and certified sex therapy supervisor, and director and founder of the Sex Therapy Service in the Sexual Medicine Center, Sheba Medical Center, Israel.  She currently manages a training program in sex therapy for physicians, social workers and psychologists.

Posted: 11/17/2010 11:00:10 AM by Cathy Whitlock

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