Tommy Dubuque


Tommy Dubuque from Canyon Lake, TX
Nominated by Connie Srote

I nominate Tommy Dubuque as a Parkinson’s Superstar. In 2004, as a buyer for a major building supply company, Tommy was efficient and productive. Then Parkinson’s took away the ability to do his job. Tommy’s reaction was a determination to live his life to the fullest and to help others do so.

In 2007, he started a Parkinson’s Support Group in New Braunfels, Texas. He and his wife Peggy prepared for the first meeting. Six people came. Undeterred, he called other meetings, posted fliers, obtained speakers, and more people came. Today, membership is in the hundreds and the Comal County Parkinson’s Support Group is a non-profit entity under the auspices of the Alamo Area PSG and the APDA.

Tommy is a friend to all and tireless as a fundraiser and in disseminating PD research. He has attracted speakers to meetings and symposia who are tops in their fields as neurologists, Deep Brain Stimulation surgeons, psychiatrists, physical therapists, voice treatment specialists, and exercise leaders.

Tommy and Peggy Dubuque face the challenges of Parkinson’s together. As she works as a nurse, he takes care of household jobs. They serve as examples of devotion and courage to others. In October Tommy is stepping down as president of the support group, and it will take many people to fill his boots. He will turn his energy to founding a Cooperative Home for PD patients. He will get it done. After all, he IS a Superstar!

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