Sue Lifschiz


Sue Lifschiz from Santa Rosa, CA
Nominated by her husband Julian M. Lifschiz

Where does one start a summary with such an incredible woman..? Sue was formally diagnosed 10 years ago and she knew she had it before seeing a neurologist. She is 74 years old now. Sue is super educated – BA from Berkeley, Masters in Library Science from Berkeley, JD from Hastings, bilingual in Spanish and English, teaching credential from Dominican...actually three different ones. She was the only woman speaker at commencement exercises at Berkeley when she graduated the first time and President of her sorority. A volunteer teacher of multi-ethnic studies. Associate Editor of Hastings Law journal. One of six students to get straight A's for all four years of High School...the list goes on!  Numerous scholarships and awards. President of Mortar Board, National Women’s Honor Society. Anyway you look at it, she is smart.  But humble.You would never know any of this unless I told you.
Sue has been involved the development of a Wii program for Parkinson's patients.  Done by Redhill Studios and UCSF Nursing department with a grant from NIH. She was a demonstrator in many media events, so much so that our kids got tired of watching her on TV. She was featured in TEVA's Publication Proud Hands. 2007. She (we) have participated in three Parkinson's Unity Walks. Raised 7 K one year. Developed information packet for new members in her support group. She has helped untold numbers of Parkinson's patients who needed someone to talk to. She started and manages a woman’s book club.
She is a crafter unequaled. Sews everything, upholsters, headboards, pillows, children’s clothes, her own clothes, designs clothes and makes them, and handbags too. Fabric jewelry to die for. We have more stuff around our two homes for crafting than is reasonable.
She is a sea captain of our small fishing boat ( 17 feet)..I have not driven the boat in ten years! And she knows what she is doing in rough weather.( I am the crew..)......
Most of all she is a superb example of an "up" person. Her tank is always half full..She is a role model to our two daughters ages 47 anf 49 who both have Parkinson's. I love her more than life itself. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She has put up with me for 55 years. This is my amazing wife:

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