Steven Russell


Steven Russell from Redwood City, CA
Nominated by Richard Simone

Steven Russell put his life on hold and became a full time caregiver in 2000. His father Dave had PD and liver cancer.  Steven cared for his father for 5 years prior to his death.

During this time Steven accompanied his dad to board meetings of the Parkinson’s Patients Support Group. PPSG is an organization that serves the needs of PD patients and their caregivers in northern California. It provides services to over 3500 people and 50 support groups. He joined his dad on the PPSG board in 2001. Today Steven is the glue that holds PPSG together. For 11 years it has been a full time job for no pay.  

Steven wears many hats and has given endless time and energy towards the goal of giving PD patients and their caregivers the best life style possible. He actively participates at events, conferences and support groups, and finds the time to speak to any individual who needs assistance. Steven helps maintain the PPSG database and website, helps publish the newsletter, and in his spare time assembles informational packages for the newly diagnosed. He is a quiet, passionate, and caring individual who is devoting his life to this mission. Steven is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone in need.  He receives nothing in return for all of this other than the satisfaction of helping the PD community.

Recently, Steven was selected as a volunteer advocate for the Parkinson’s Institute, a NPF Center of Excellence.

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