Shirley Holeman Hernandez


Shirley Holeman Hernandez from Spokane Valley, WA
Nominated by Linda Giorgilli Rice

My first words in this nomination are to offer condolences to Shirley on the loss of her most precious dad, William Alden Holeman, who battled Parkinson's and dementia, but who reflected the same loving nature that he has obviously passed down to his daughter. Shirley has her own battle with Parkinson's disease, but you would never know it. She displays constant support to others, the sweetest messages of support and stays involved in all of the postings I see involving Parkinson's on the various groups. Her unselfish sharing of the precious caregiving video herself with her dad singing, along with photos of her dad, were both heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. I am grateful to know her. She is honored, despite having Parkinson's herself, but more important as an advocate in the battle against Parkinson's. As I write these words, there is no doubt in my mind, I am missing many things, like her being involved in the Dancing with PD in Spokane and other things I perhaps did not jot down for this entry or write appropriately, but Shirley is definitely a Superstar. I have no doubt of that statement.

Watch the video of Shirley with her father here.

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