Ray Lawson


Ray Lawson from Stuart, VA
Nominated by his daughter, Lauren Wyatt

My dad, Ray Lawson who will be 83 on June 11, 2012, has had PD for several years. If you have just met him, you would probably never know he had PD but he is so sensitive about the problem, he usually tells people if he is spending time with them, just in case his hand starts to tremble or he stumbles when he first gets up from sitting.

He lives in a very small town and only knows one other person there with PD. He has read many, many articles and asks me to look up info for him so he can stay on top of the disease. I have signed him up to receive newsletters from NPF and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. He wants to read anything about PD he can get his hands on. He has even asked me to let Michael J. Fox know about glutathione hoping it may help him feel a little stronger as it seems to help him. Being 82 years of age and still wanting as much information as possible on PD is quite outstanding I think, and this is why my dad is my Parkinson's Superstar!

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