Netanya Hernandez


Netanya Hernandez from Chicago, IL
Nominated by her mother Ideliza Hernandez

My 7 year old daughter is extremely close to her Grandpa Rey who has Parkinson's Disease. Being so young she understands his pain and struggles and helps him in what she can. She also extends her help to the Parkinson's community by doing her own fundraising and awareness in his honor. As she says, "Grandpa is my heart, I want him better, PD is mean." For being so young she truly has hopes for a Cure, and will continue her goal, and accomplish her wish.

Also nominated by Linda Giorgilli Rice

Netanya Bella Hernandez (nicknamed "Googie") is a precious young girl, whose grandpa has Parkinson's Disease. Googie is amazingly thoughtful and mature for a girl of her young age, and actually has a Facebook page entitled, "My Grandpa Rey Has Parkinson's Disease. Her mother and Googie are forever in the PD community arena doing fundraisers, and Googie has been videotaped talking about her grandpa and Parkinson's, talked at school to her classmates, and is forever devoted to the wish that a cure be found for her grandpa. She may be one of the youngest of the Superstar nominees, but is definitely one of the most precious and devoted! Good luck to Googie! I am adding a quote that she made on her page: “Everyone is beautiful especially when they have a smile on their face”.

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