Mon Bryant


Mon Bryant from Houston, TX
Nominated by Diana Rintala

I nominate Mon Suteerawattananon Bryant as a Parkinson’s Superstar.  Mon is from Thailand originally, but is now a permanent resident of the United States.  She became interested in helping people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) when she was a graduate student working on a PhD in physical therapy.  

Since earning her degree, Mon has actively pursued a career in research designed to improve the lives of people with PD.  Much of her research has focused on helping people with PD to walk better.  She and her colleagues have been studying how different sorts of exercise can improve walking and balance.  

Other studies have evaluated the effect of various cues on how well people walk such as the ticking of a metronome, brightly colored lines along the walkway, and canes with different colored laser light beams.  Additional studies have focused on improving hand writing and relieving pain in people with PD.  

Her findings have been published in professional journals and presented at national conferences as well as to local health providers.  Her clinical practice focuses mainly on people with PD.  She is a member of the Houston Area Parkinson’s Society and has run in a PD fund-raising 5K run.  I believe that her obvious dedication to people with PD makes her a Parkinson’s Superstar.

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