Marge Moylan


Marge Moylan from New York
Nominated by Lenora D'Apice

Gifted teacher, actress, singer, poet, writer, PWP (Person With Parkinson and M.S.), Marge Moylan possesses a never ending strength and determination to fight the disease till her last breath and continues to be a champion for others with Parkinson. As she says, she has Parkinson, Parkinson does not have her.

She sees your shoes before she sees you as the disease has caused her head to hang down to her chest and it is very difficult for her to raise it. Not once has she ever complained about the hand she was dealt.

She has been a willing guinea pig for any new drug or test that might help a PWP.

In 1992, Marge & her husband helped form the Central New York Parkinson Support Group and she represented same on 7-19-94 at a Washington DC Press Conference to introduce the Morris K. Udell Parkinson Disease Research & Education Act. The CNYPSG has been a godsend to the many PWP’s in the area and in 1994 they won the Dorros Award for the most outstanding PD support group in the country.

Marge was also honored as one of the YMCA’s Unsung Heroines of the Year in 1999. The “Moylans & McCaffreys” (better known as the M&M’s”– 2 couples w/2 PWP’s & 2 caregivers) have spoken to college students, home health aids, physical & occupational therapists – done in-service seminars and participated in several health fairs throughout the area helping in any way they could to educate the public about Parkinson. She is an inspirational hero to anyone lucky enough to have Marge Moylan in their lives.

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