Liz Ogren


Liz Ogren from Coon Rapids, MN
Nominated by Teri Spano-Madden

I am very proud of Liz for her successful effort to launch Pedal and Roll for Parkinson's. Here's the story from the website My name is Liz Ogren and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2007 after several years of subtle yet remarkable changes that were odd for a "young" active person. Young Onset Parkinson's isn't as rare as one might think. After spending too long on the couch, I am now into a solid daily routine of walking, biking, working out on the elliptical machine, or doing Vinyasa yoga. The Parkinson's is still there, but I am becoming more and more visible, too. Liz's goal is to organize and motivate other people with Parkinson’s to “get off the couch” and “Pedal and Roll for Parkinson’s”. The inaugural event took place on September 24, 2011 at Cleary Lake Park in Prior Lake. All profits went towards providing exercise opportunities for Parkinson's patients. The total donation was $5,000.

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