Lesley King


Lesley King from Norwalk, OH
Nominated by Shannon Reardon

I am recommending Lesley King, who is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Memorial Health Care System for Parkinson’s Superstar. In the summer of 2009, Lesley approached me about what she thought was a great need on our community, for a Parkinson’s disease support group.  This is a disease that Lesley is very passionate about and has spent a great number of education hours learning about this disease.  After much hard work on Lesley’s part the support group had its first meeting in November of 2009, with 15 people attending.  Over the last two and ½ years the group has grown to over 40 individuals.  Lesley works to bring in a guest speaker to each meeting every other month to discuss topics that pertain specifically to Parkinson’s disease.

Since initiating the Parkinson’s support group, Lesley has looked to better herself in the understanding of this disease by attending a Tai-Chi for balance, fall risk reduction, rehabilitation courses, relearning kinesio treatment for Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders, the LSVT BIG training and certification, the current trends in rehab of individuals with Parkinson’s disease & Delay the Disease exercise class in 2010.  

With her certification for LSVT she initiated a Parkinson’s program in our clinic during 2011.  She obtained her certification of Delay the Disease trainer and participated in the 14th annual Parkinson’s disease symposium to market and educate people on the programs that we at Memorial Health Care System are able to offer for patients with Parkinson’s.  She was responsible for bringing the Train the Caregiver seminar to the Fremont area in August 2011.  The first Delay the Disease exercise group was started in September 2011 with 20 members.  We are in currently in our third session of Delay the Disease group.

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