Kevin Boekhoff


Kevin Boekhoff from Sioux Falls, SD
Nominated by Mary S. Freeman

Kevin Boekhoff was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2009.  He is just 55 years old.  Since the symptoms of Parkinson's have made it impossible to continue his vocation as Baptist minister and to pursue his avocation of vintage automobile restoration, Kevin has turned to creative writing as both an occupation and a hobby.  This creative outlet, he has discovered, is therapeutic in a multitude of ways and fits well into the life of unpredictability faced by a person with Parkinson's.  

Kevin is a new recruit to the Board of the NPF South Dakota Chapter, writes a column "Wandering through My Ponderings" for the Chapter's quarterly newsletter, and is a faithful member of the local Parkinson's support group.  

Recently, a collection of his observations and experiences living with the complications of Parkinson's disease, has been published under the name I FORGOT THAT I REMEMBERED.  With wit and authenticity, Kevin shares the reality of life with Parkinson's.  His aim has been to help himself find humor in life as well as to encourage others with Parkinson's to do the same.  He uses book-signing engagements as opportunity to act as ambassador for NPF South Dakota and to champion awareness of what it means to be a person living with Parkinson's disease.  Kevin is worthy of the designation, NPF Parkinson's Superstar!       

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