Jo Rosen


Jo Rosen from Long Beach, CA
Nominated by Cheryl Epstein

If you don't know who Jo Rosen is in the Parkinson's community, you should. She knows more than any neurologist I've ever spoken to. She knows it from all angels too. Her Mother had Parkinson's disease. Two years after she married, her husband got Parkinson's disease. Right there and then Jo made a pact with God. She decided she wanted to learn everything that there is to know about Parkinson's, and all the insight and information she had, she would share with the world.

True to her word, Jo and her late husband, Alan, founded Parkinson's Resource Organization. Jo has devoted her life to this non-profit organization helping PWP and their families. She is in the trenches. Going to people's homes, talking endlessly about practical matters. She focuses on the psycho-social aspect of Parkinson's and has organized monthly meeting from Palm Springs to Los Angeles & Orange County.

She also writes a monthly news letter that goes out to over 7,000 people. Ask her anything related to Parkinson's. Anything.  She is a wealth of information, compassion, positive, sensitive, current, and caring. Her talks and guidance have proved to be invaluable to me and so so many others as we journey through the murky waters of trying to understand what is happening to our bodies. She is an accessible, tangible beacon of strength and love for so many.

Yes, I am proud to nominate Jo Rosen. Weather she wins or not, she truly is a Superstar for all people in the Parkinson's community because she is passionate about her commitment of making sure no one is isolated because of Parkinson's. This one's for you Jo. You deserve it!

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