Jim Adams


Jim Adams from Summerton, SC
Nominated by Penny Volpe

My nomination for Parkinson’s Superstar is “my guy” Jim. We have been together only seven years, the last four with being diagnosed with PD. He has not only been an inspiration to me but to so many others. His ability to keep smiling in the darkness of this terrible disease, and to be able to shed that light toward both parkie and non-parkie is amazing. Through our Facebook page “the truth about Parkinson’s Disease” he has brought joy and pulled fellow parkies out of their depression. His mission is to keep everyone with a smile, and not let PD get in the way of living life. Due to the fact he couldn’t work any longer and being the person he was he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, he started repairing little red Radio Flyer wagons for children, he originally was just fixing them to original parts but now has progressed to making “tricked” out wagons. These wagons go to special children and special people. The few wagons he has tricked out have gone to one little girl who was adopted, a charity event for a local Sheriffs department, 2 little girls who were going through some hard family times, one adult whose wagon he tricked out had recently lost her husband in a terrible race car crash. The wagon he did for her was a tricked out formula A race car wagon. He has many more in our little acre of dirt just waiting for any child to stop by and watch them smile.

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