Herman Schecter


Herman Schecter from Aventura, FL
Nominated by his son Fred Schecter

I am my dad’s biggest fan.

Hy Schecter is an inspiration. As the oldest of four sons, I am eager to share as eloquent an essay as I can muster; dad is worthy of any accolade.

I testify to dad’s positive attitude. At age ninety, dad has been physically afflicted with Parkinson’s for many years; afflicted, not defeated. He is a fighter- indefatigable in the truest sense of the word.

Many years ago, after graduating from medical school with a Neurology specialty, Brother Jay noticed something unusual in dad’s gait. He suggested a Parkinson’s test. Dad thought this preposterous and wondered if the money spent on Jay’s education was wasted. How could he make such a wild diagnosis? Unfortunately, Jay was right.

For years, the disease progressed slowly. Dad’s passion was golf and his beloved country club. Amazingly, he only picked up his first gold club at age fifty. Three years later, dad was voted most improved golfer on Long Island, NY, by “Golf Digest Magazine” (one of numerous awards and trophies that fill his apartment).

Of course, it was only a matter of time before dad had to hang up his clubs. He could still hold a (shaky) hand of cards to play poker or gin with the boys. Lately, this too proves difficult.

Telling dad he could not do something would only encourage him. His drive could move mountains. When Rubic’s Cube came out, dad stayed up all night to solve the puzzle. And he did. That’s how he handled everything. Nothing was impossible for dad to achieve. His incredible success in business was proof. As for Parkinson’s, dad would “proudly fight this nasty plight.”

Mom complained about his dyskinesia; his wild movements upset her. I told mom that it was not something he could control and she should “get with the program.” The opposite, being frozen, was far worse. “Think of him like Stevie Wonder moving to some music and rhythm only he could hear,” I told mom. To me, my brothers, and the many people who know dad he is Stevie Wonderful.

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