Gerry Brignal Haines


Gerry Brignal Haines from Bethlehem, PA
Nominated by Peter Tomaino

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Gerry Brignal Haines, she has been my personal mentor for the past three years and is my nomination for the Parkinson's Superstar.

Gerry began her work for the Parkinson Foundation in 1987 when her husband, who is now deceased, was diagnosed with early stages of Parkinson's.

She has given her time, effort and energy to the Lehigh Valley Parkinson's Support Group ever since. Approximately 8 years ago, Gerry lost her husband to PD. Where it seems that most care-givers would quit and move on, Gerry Haines opted to stay and further her work for Parkinson's, and other service organizations as well.

She has been politically involved in PD since the onset, staying very close to Congressmen and Senators. She has been a very giving person. In fact, in order to make each meeting as personable as possible, she stops and loads up on coffee and tea and donuts.

She is there to answer questions, deal with issues, and is always ready to handle volatile situations that may arise. Therefore, I believe that Gerry Haines is well deserving of the Parkinson's Superstar award.

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