George Mitchell


George Mitchell from Evans City, PA
Nominated by Keith Foley

I hereby nominate George Mitchell – President of Fibercon International Inc. as a National Parkinson’s Superstar.

As the Parkinson’s Foundation clearly knows George has been instrumental in making the Pittsburgh Chapter viable in many, many ways. I want to provide insight from another direction.

Most family business’ have a “hub and spoke” methodology.  Fibercon is no different. George was the hub and everything went through him.  However with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease things changed.  He had to delegate and this was no easy task for him. George realized that he had to not only do this but accept these actions.

(This is the part why not only should he be considered but be the winner). George has always been a very generous person to his friends/family and well known for his sense of humor. I personally have seen the many changes that this disease has impacted upon him. What thankfully remains is that great sense of humor (ex: when ordering a martini….”I’ll shake it myself”). For me the biggest change in George is his involvement to this foundation to aid and accommodate complete strangers. Now at first glance that may not seem like a big deal but in reality how many of us would provide the time, effort, personal monies etc. for a total stranger? I have seen George become the ground breaker so that people, who may not be aware they even have Parkinson Disease yet, will benefit from his work.

One can measure success in many ways: they made a lot of money…..they lived in a big house….they traveled a lot.  For most of us when it ends that’s pretty much it. When George’s journey called life ends he will be successfully remembered (maybe not by name) but by the new Pittsburgh facility and the countless people that will be aided by the numerous services by which that facility can provide. How many of us can make that claim for strangers we have yet to meet?

Also nominated by John Morris

For most people, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be a debilitating experience that brings loss of hope and overwhelming despair. Fortunately, George Mitchell is not like most people. Rather than sulk in the news he received four years ago, he decided that he would find a way to help himself and others through any means possible. Using the creativity, determination, and humor that so thoroughly defines him, he plunged into researching all sources he could about the disease. He used his gifts to help raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for Parkinson’s.

Using the skills that have made him a successful businessman, he cajoled, begged, and motivated many of his friends and business acquaintances to invest their time and money in helping others to cope with this disease and it’s side effects. Today, you can look at the annual golf tournament he started in Western Pennsylvania that brings many people out each June to share in George’s fight to help Parkinson patients. Singlehandedly, he has developed this tournament to where now it is raising over $50,000 each year.

In conclusion, through George’s initiative, and with the support and understanding of his wife Janet, it has been made possible for many Parkinson’s patients, present and future, to benefit from his tireless effort to find other treatments and remedies. It is because of his tireless efforts that I nominate George for the National Parkinson Superstar. I hope you will see the singleness of mind which he has put into this effort since his diagnosis.

Also nominated by Thomas Green

I have known George Mitchell, the President of Fibercon International, located in Evans City, Pa. for over 20 years.  My wife and I first became acquainted with George and his wife Janet through a number of trade associations we were both members of through our businesses.  This developed into a strong friendship with a person that I trust and care for.  I was with George a few weeks after he was diagnosed with Parkinsons.  George has always had a positive approach towards life, meeting life's challenges head on.  Consequently, it was not a surprise when he indicated that his missions would now be to devote his time to the Parkinson's Foundation and its efforts to find a cure.  In a very short time, he became a board member of the Parkinson's Foundation of Western Pennsylvania.  He has organized and sponsored yearly a number of new fund raising events in the greater Pittsburgh area for the Foundation.  His daily energy and spirit toward the achievement of the goals of the Foundation is an example for all of us to follow.  He does this all while maintaining his devotion to his wife, daughters and grandchildren and his responsibilities to his business and employees.   In my mind, George Mitchell is truly a Parkinson's Superstar by any definition.  I sincerely nominate him for your consideration as a candidate for this award.

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