Fitzgerald Walkes, Jr.


Fitzgerald Walkes, Jr. from Houston, TX
Nominated by his daughter Skyller Walkes

Undeterred: Making a Difference Daily

Coach, police offer, volunteer and educator are all descriptors that characterize Fitzgerald Walkes, Jr. My father has spent 2/3 of his life dedicated to serving others. It is a charge that he has taken on earnestly. I remember on past, “Take Your Daughter to Work Day (s),” witnessing an enthusiasm and energy from my father as he attempted to ignite a passion in his students, not an easy feat, but he made it seem effortless.

Now a teacher myself, I realize why my father was such a dynamo. His passion came from within; the need to help others was intrinsic. My 8th grade year, he decided to further his role in public service by enrolling in the police academy, all while still doing lesson plans over the weekend, and attending parent conferences after-school. He graduated valedictorian of his class, and did the unimaginable- he continued to teach while serving as a police offer, currently a Lieutenant for Harris County’s Precinct 7.

These two vocations were divinely bridged on January 10th of this year when my father heard screams and clamoring in the hallway of his high school. Rather than remain in the safety of his classroom, he rushed to the center of bedlam to do what he lived to do. Help. He courageously apprehended a student with a gun, who, panic-stricken- had already shot another student. Living with Parkinson’s for ten years has slowed his steps, but not his fervor and dedication. He’s retiring this year, but not without leaving an unforgettable legacy.

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