Elizabeth Burd


Elizabeth Burd from Portland, ME
Nominated by her mother Gloria Mallet

I would like to nominate Elizabeth Burd as a Parkinson’s Superstar. Elizabeth is a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer.

In the year 2006 she was employed by a fitness center in Portland. A neurologist, whose office was nearby referred patients to the program for general exercise. Elizabeth began working individually with those patients and developed classes incorporating strength training, yoga, guided meditation, and encouraging hydration. She observed clients experiencing less intense tremors and others who were free from tremors.

At that point she said, “this is when I realized I could make a difference with this community and had a clearer vision of what I was meant to do on this earth. I knew I was here to help people and this eye-opening experience taught me who I might help.”

Elizabeth then developed a Parkinson’s yoga class as a volunteer offering it free to all participants and their care partners. Following two years of volunteering, the AMPDA at Main Medical Center hired her as an instructor, providing space and compensation.

Elizabeth continues to teach classes, is regularly a speaker at the annual AMPDA conference and has made presentations at various agencies to encourage others to address this need.

Elizabeth was involved in this service when few, if any programs were available for the roughly 7,000 people in Maine with PD. I would like to recommend Elizabeth Burd as a Parkinson’s Superstar.

P.S. I am proud to say that Elizabeth Burd is my daughter!

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