Drew Dimmel


Drew Dimmel from Prairie Village, KS
Nominated by Jan Parkinson

Drew Dimmel’s positive attitude is enough to qualify him as a Parkinson Superstar. His smile, words of encouragement and genuine concern make every day brighter for those fortunate enough to know him.

However, for Drew, diagnosed with PD in 2001, it does not stop there. His tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s is remarkable. Now in his third term on the Board of Directors of NPF - Heartland, he served two years as Board President. He is the face and voice of the Chapter, sharing his story in television, radio and newspaper interviews plus speaking throughout our community and helped produce promotional videos (http://youtu.be/tmTs2vxDnrs).

He narrated the Parkinson Care Series, a set of eight DVDs that provide a better understanding of the disease. Drew initiated the Community Advisory Council to involve volunteers and future Board members. He personally recruited a dozen Board members. He represented the Chapter for two years in the “Fast Track Group” effort by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Drew has also participated in research studies. With his brother and sister, they are phenomenal fundraising team – over $650,000 for our Chapter.

The Dimmels also created a unique fundraising event: The Reunion Jam, a concert that brought together favorite local bands from the 60’s and 70’s. Drew is a founding members of “Movers and Shakers,” a group of Board members with PD who meet monthly to share common concerns, hopes and good conversation. To everyone touched by the Heartland Chapter, Drew Dimmel is already our Superstar.

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