Dr. Shilpa Chitnis


Dr. Shilpa Chitnis from Dallas, TX
Nominated by Phil Sorgel

I would like to nominate my Movement Disorders specialist, Dr. Shilpa Chitnis, as a Parkinson's Superstar. Dr. Chitnis is unique in many ways, including:

  1. Through UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, she uses the MyChart on-line system. Through this system, her patients can reach out to her with questions at any time. And further, she answers very quickly! My wife and I always feel ACCESS to her is not only at regularly-scheduled appointments, but additionally as close as an internet connection.
  2. She partners with her patients to tailor care to their needs. She makes recommendations to my wife and I, we make recommendations to her, and then we discuss them and jointly decide which way to go. She is NOT the old-fashioned "my way or the highway" doctor. She is truly a PARTNER in her patient's care!
  3. You may note that I have referred to "my wife and I" several times. Dr. Chitnis ENCOURAGES family involvement as part of normal patient care-- something we believe is very important particularly in dealing with a disease like Parkinson's.
  4. She truly CARES about her patients. When is the last time your doctor sent you a note to see how you're doing? How about the last time you got a hug at the end of your appointment? For Dr. Chitnis, this is common-- it's just how she provides care!

I could go on and on. But bottom line, due to her ACCESSIBILITY, the way she PARTNERS, the way she ENCOURAGES family involvement, and the way she truly CARES for her patients, I believe she is a Parkinson's Superstar! Phil Sorgel

Also nominated by Ruth Dederich

Dr. Shilpa Chitnis has done much to further the treatment of Parkinson's patients in the Dallas Fort Worth area. She is a speaker in many venues. She lectures to students, physicians, patients, and their famiies about Parkinson's and it various treatments. She organizes a lecture for Parkinson’s patients and their families each year for them to learn more about treatments.

She cares deeply about her patients and stays in touch with them via texting, electronic charting, via the call center, her personal phone, her pager and her admin and nurse.

She has great knowledge of Deep Brain Stimulation programming and her patients are the beneficiaries of her knowledge. She is a great programmer.

She is a staunch advocate for her patients and will find alternate options for their care if she cannot do for them what needs to be done. She will refer the patient elsewhere for treatment if needed. She readily accepts others onto her team.

She is tireless in the pursuing the attainment of the best possible outcome for each patient considering their individual needs.

She promotes the cause of Parkinson’s patients in the Dallas Ft Worth in thought word and deed and is certainly a superstar in this community.

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