Dr. Cenk Sengun


Dr. Cenk Sengun from Miami, FL
Nominated by Andre Raikhelson

My father has had Parkinson’s disease for already over ten (10) years. During that time, he has gone through many doctors and care takers. I would not like to mention anyone’s name in a negative aspect, but during the progression of my father’s disease, only one doctor has the courage, the tenacity, the, dare I say, love to treat my father and stabilize his condition. This man is Dr. Cenk Sengun.

When my father came into Dr. Sengun’s office, he could not walk very well. I, as his son, spent long nights thinking of what would be done. After Dr. Sengun told me, “Hey, everything will be fine,” I assumed it was the traditional rhetoric given to grieving patients. I mean, if countless doctors could not do anything, how could this one? Within a month, it was like a miracle, my father had more “on” time with his medication. He could also talk and have full conversations with me.

I did not know whether to thank God or Dr. Sengun, maybe I should just thank both. All I know is, the transformation after a month, and then continually after really made a difference in the life of my family. Therefore, I, without hesitation and discrimination, would like to nominate Dr. Cenk Sengun for this noble and prestigious award.

Also nominated by Gabriel C. Gondolfo III

I am nominating Dr. Cenk Sengun as a Parkinson’s Superstar because he is an unbelievable Doctor and even a better human being.  

My father has Parkinson’s disease and has been seeing Dr. Sengun for several years now.  He has also been hospitalized several times during these last few years.  If I were to write down each and every time Dr. Sengun has helped and been available to me, this letter would be a book.  Dr. Sengun has always given me the correct information and guidance throughout each and every ordeal that my father has encountered.  He gives me so much guidance and information that the ER and other doctors and nurses on staff ask me if I’m a doctor.  He is always correct and the other doctors always agree with any suggestion given by Dr. Sengun on what to do, what medications to give, and what medications to stop.

Dr. Sengun knows my situation and is always there for me.  And I mean always! Our crossing of paths in life was God sent to me.  I truly feel that if it wasn’t for Dr. Cenk Sengun that my father’s condition would be much worse or he possibly might have been gone by now.

I would like to commend Dr. Sengun for his commitment and assistance during these very difficult years for me and my family. He is truly a Superstar!

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