Dan Hott


Dan Hott from Berkeley Springs, WV
Nominated by his wife Angie Hott

Some families may go to the beach, or amusement park; we entered a 5K race at the Morgan County Fair!   Without a stitch of training, but with a load of heart and soul, and I should mention, some well timed levodopa for Dan.  He has Parkinson's Disease.  Six months ago, Dan could not walk across the room much less stand up at times.  Today, Dan finished a 5K in about 45 minutes!  

The scenery was beautiful on a lovely Saturday morning.  The boys kicked it in high gear and took off, leaping ahead of me, leaving mom in the dust.

So, on we go... giggling my way through the race!  I still have my eyes on the boys.  Yes,...  there they are!  I see them.  Dan running with both Levi and Isaac at his heals.  For a moment, I finally stop giggling.  

That's it!  That's the picture I will always remember!  Dan with the boys at his heels; every now and then Dan bends down to listen to Levi because, I am sure, our Levi, 6,  is talking his ear off .  Then Isaac, at 7, insists on holding Dan's hand while he tries to run.  It's hard enough to run when one is healthy, right?  Now, try it with Parkinson's, two boys, and the uncertainty of future physical capabilities.  And you know what?  I could care less if any one of us finishes at that moment.  

Because to Isaac and Levi, their Daddy is a PD  Superstar!

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