Carmen Gumucio Barros

Carmen Gumucio Barros from Miami, FL
Nominated by her son Benji Power

My mother, Carmen, has been living with Parkinson’s for what we think is almost 10 years. We can’t be sure of how long she has had it because her diagnosis was in 2002 and doctors know she had had it for some years. I say that she has been “living with” it because there has not been one day since her diagnosis during which she has shown any less energy or love for life then what she had before the disease became a part of her.

Carmen is a Parkinson’s Superstar because she has lived the past 10 years of her life as a beacon of hope for anyone faced with a life-changing disease. My mom has filled the void that Parkinson’s-related limitations have created with laughter, dancing, and friendship. She has purposefully grabbed on to every precious moment and aspect of her days and years, and savored them with such vigor, that many people do not even notice that my mom has Parkinson’s.

Ever since the diagnosis in 2002, my mother has been living with friends who are eager to be by her side, living with her children as they graduate college and become adults, living with her mother in the last few years of her life in Chile, living with a new boyfriend that loves her for her character and beauty, and living with life – the life that she still wants to live, and does so happily with tremors, laughter, and funky dancing.

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