Carl Davis

Carl Davis from Hillsville, VA

Nominated by Mary Ann Cox

Carl is a very humble man who is coping with the many challenges of living life afflicted with Parkinson's. Most admirable is Carl's sense of humor and his dedication to helping others. He is a central forces in our local support group, St. Joseph's Parkinson's Support Group located in Woodlawn, VA. Carl has been instrumental in organizing our group. We just last month celebrated 1 year. He has arranged for speakers such as therapists, doctors, service providers and even has a jazz band coming to one of our meetings later this year. His contacts are invaluable.

Carl, although facing tremendous health issues, keeps his spirits elevated and those of our members. He contacts community businesses and organization for donations of door prizes and gifts giving further incentive to our members to not miss one meeting. It is at these meetings that important information is provided to make living with Parkinson's more bearable. And his great nature allows our group members to have formed a very strong bond making the fellowship so rewarding. Our members say they look forward to our meetings each month and they rarely miss one. Carl gives freely of himself and does so without calling attention to all that he does for us. He is an inspiration.

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