Becky Jarnagin & Charlotte Pruitt


Becky Jarnagin & Charlotte Pruitt
Nominated by Becky Jarnagin

I am not sure that I would consider myself a PD Superstar I am just doing what I can to raise awareness. My mom has PD was it is very hard on her. We have to watch the things that she goes through. So to me she is the Superstar as are all that suffer with PD.

We live in a small town in Northeast TN , Elizabethton and there is not a lot of information on PD or there is not an office that you can just go pick up PD information. So I have contacted National Parkinson Foundation and have ordered information and keep it at my house to hand out and have taken it to doctors in my area and also make sure my Mom’s neurologist has updated information for his patients. I contacted the mayor of Elizabethton and they declared April Parkinson's Awareness Month this past April (2011).

I have also contacted my senators and congress men and will continue to do so. With my cousin we had a Gospel singing to honor my Mom and Dad; they traveled and sang Southern Gospel Music but now she cannot travel and sing. So with the singing we had information about PD there and also collected donations that we will be sending to the Foundation in honor of my mom Charlotte Pruitt.

Every so often I try to get an article in our local paper with a little something about PD— when I have information and I take it or mail it out to them. I also post information on Facebook and Twitter and I also email PD info to people. I carry PD info with me in my car. I pray that there is a cure found that no one else has to go through and suffer like my mom has.... This is a short version of my story.

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