Anthony Giorgilli


Anthony Giorgilli
Nominated by his daughter, Linda Giorgilli Rice, in Memoriam

It started with just a twitch in the right hand baby finger
The problem is it didn’t stop and decided to linger
Next came his arm that seemed not to swing
As though it might have had an invisible sling

His walk became slower and his steps were so small
Then the right shoulder slumped making his appearance less tall Still he wasn’t ready to contemplate there was something wrong
If you knew him, you were aware he had always been strong

Soon there came those slight tremors affecting only one side
An appearance of distraction and his smile seemed to hide
No longer was he able to ignore that his body wasn’t right
A stark realization the symptoms were there within sight

One can only imagine when the doctor told him that he knew
It was Parkinson’s disease, the symptoms revealed it was true
The disease was chronic and progressive, he was calmly told
Parkinson’s would now be a partner in his life, as he grew old

He was like so many others and despite all the information shared
It was hard to comprehend and even harder to be prepared
Some days he was fine, as though nothing was out of sync
Other days were so difficult, his eyes watered without a blink

Swallowing started being difficult and sometimes made him choke
As his voice became softer, so hard to understand when he spoke
There were so many symptoms that were there to try to annoy
He decided the best medication was to laugh and love and enjoy

Like a fighter he determined his opponent would not see him lose
He lived life like there was no tomorrow and disallowed any blues
Reminding himself of the pleasures his life knew and could still know
Despite a hard fought battle, he dealt Parkinson’s quite a blow

There were falls and hospital stays, and then finally a need to rely
On his loved ones to help him through, only after he would first try
To handle what we often take for granted, never giving it a thought
My dad will always be the winner in the toughest battle he fought

I nominate my dad, who is now deceased, for the incredible and unrelenting optimism in his battle against PD.  My dad's attitude and determination were, without question, what created my unexpected passion for advocacy to raise awareness and do all I can do in the battle against Parkinson's disease, a battle I know we are all ready to win.

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