2012 Parkinson's Superstars

Carmen Gumucio-Barros
Carmen is a Parkinson’s Superstar because she has lived the past 10 years of her life as a beacon of hope for anyone faced with a life-changing disease. My mom has filled the void that Parkinson’s-related limitations have created with laughter, dancing, and friendship.

Charlene Borth
My wife has had Parkinson for over 20 years. She also has health problems and has had breast cancer. But she never complains. She is my superstar.

Chris Clark
Christopher is a wonderful father and husband, fighting hard to keep his disease at bay. The movement in the paintball community with Team Tremor is an inspiration to others to live life to the fullest, as he is doing! .

C. Miller Sigmon, Jr.
I did not realize the superstar that Miller truly is until I became part of the NPF ATTP Training and have looked in-depth at the challenges and issues that he faces daily. His conversations are consistently positive and up-beat and he does not dwell on the negative aspects.

Dan Hott
Some families may go to the beach, or amusement park; we entered a 5K race at the Morgan County Fair! Without a stitch of training, but with a load of heart and soul, and I should mention, some well timed levodopa for Dan. Six months ago, Dan could not walk across the room much less stand up at times. Today, Dan finished a 5K in about 45 minutes!

Dan Lewis
No more powerful or efficient machine exists than the Washington Lawyer.  Daniel Lewis was one of the best, at least until he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. That was nearly 20 years ago. Since then he's been a whirlwind of an advocate for PD.

Dennis J. Freund
Dennis is my husband (41 years and counting) and hero. He is Big-D to his 5 granddaughters, Dad to his daughters and friend to so many. His positive attitude continues to amaze me. Even though, it is very difficult for him, he works out 3 days a week, race walks, and just earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Dennis Williamson
Dennis was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in August 2006. He is a member of the Indiana University/Monroe County Parkinson’s Disease Support Group. Through his church activities and his support group, Dennis promotes awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Cenk Sengun
My father has had Parkinson’s disease for already over 10 years. During that time, he has gone through many doctors and care takers. During the progression of my father’s disease, only one doctor has the courage, the tenacity, the, dare I say, love to treat my father and stabilize his condition.

Dr. Dan Whitfield
Dan Whitfield is the reason I am alive and still making my little teardrop trailers. He is responsible for programming my Deep Brain Stimulator to insure I maintain the best quality of life. Dan Whitfield made me whole again. Better than whole.

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