2012 Parkinson's Superstars

Anthony Giorgilli
My dad's attitude and determination were, without question, what created my unexpected passion for advocacy to raise awareness and do all I can do in the battle against Parkinson's disease, a battle I know we are all ready to win.

Barbara Ford
From the day Barbara was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's, her goal has been to help those in the same situation. She has dreamed of starting an information/assistance center for years and has channeled that energy into a Parkinson Support Group in Michigan.

Becky Dunlop, R.N.
Becky Dunlop, R.N., has served the PD community for over 20 years.  The Coordinator, Research Nurse, and Nurse Educator for the NPF Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, she has lead one of the most productive PD outreach efforts in NPF's history.

Becky Jarnagin & Charlotte Pruitt
I am not sure that I would consider myself a PD Superstar I am just doing what I can to raise awareness. My mom has PD and it is very hard on her. We have to watch the things that she goes through.

Betty Doviak
To my Mom! What it must be like to have Parkinson’s and care take at the same time as I am sure there are many other spouses in the same situation as you that go unrecognized. You are my superstar, my best friend my role model, my everything.

Bev Ribaudo
I nominate Bev Ribaudo for Parkinson's Superstar. I love her humor about life. She has Parkinson's disease and laughs about it. I know she has bad days, but you never hear her complain, she just keeps on smiling, finding humor in everything.

Beverly Ritter
Diagnosed five years ago, this incredible woman promptly formed a community-wide support group for patients and caregivers and began learning as much as she could about the disease. Beverly practices her positive attitude toward Parkinson’s just as she does in every facet of her life.

Bruce Florence
Bruce had a quiet way of inspiring others and fostered a positive, active outlook for the support group. He focused on what people with Parkinson’s Disease could do and challenged them to do more. He was devoted to his Parkinson’s friends and offered moral support and assistance to everyone.

Carl Davis
Carl is a very humble man who is coping with the many challenges of living life afflicted with Parkinson's. Most admirable is Carl's sense of humor and his dedication to helping others. He is a central forces in our local support group, St. Joseph's Parkinson's Support Group located in Woodlawn, VA.

Carl Ragsdale
My husband has YOPD; diagnosed two years ago. Why is he a Superstar? Being in a rural area we don’t have access to local support groups (yet!!). He has become the face of Parkinson’s in our area.

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