Baltimore, MD: NPF Town Hall Meeting

NPF Sponsored Event NPF Sponsored Event

Sheridan Baltimore North
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, MD 21204

Description: Join us to learn about this exciting research!

Did you know that the largest clinical study of Parkinson's disease is currently being conducted by the National Parkinson Foundation?

NPF's Parkinson's Outcomes Project was designed to study how the best care affects real people with Parkinson's disease, at every stage of their disease. NPF is studying over 6,000 people with Parkinson's in 10,000 clinical evaluations and counting.

More than ever before, this project is helping us to understand how expert care changes the lives of people with Parkinson's throughout the course of their disease.

As this program grows, NPF is traveling around the country to explain and discuss findings from the study with the Parkinson's community. Some of the key findings include: the importance of treating depression, the impact of differing approaches to Parkinson's care at different NPF Centers of Excellence, the importance of exercise, and the processes by which this project arrived at these findings.

Come and join us in Baltimore to learn from the researchers and to take part in the search for better therapies!

What are we learning?

  • Even the best doctors sometimes treat Parkinson's differently and we're finding that those differences provide lessons for everyone.
  • Depression is a much more important problem than many previously thought, but there are things you can do to feel better.
  • Often, doctors and patients don't know what to expect. Are you doing well or could you be doing better? We are shedding new light on this.
  • How is exercise helping people?
  • Can we understand the importance of a great care partner? What makes it hard to be a care partner? How can we make it easier?

Although this event is free, seating is limited and an RSVP is required to avoid room overcrowding.

When: Saturday, May 18, 2013, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fee(s): Free; RSVP required

Contact Name: NPF Helpline

Contact Phone: 1-800-473-4636

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