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Here are some easy steps you can take to get connected with the Parkinson's disease community:

  1. Become a member of to receive important e-mail alerts from the National Parkinson Foundation.
  2. Join our Discussion Corner (details below).
  3. Share your story with and read other personal stories.
  4. Find a Parkinson's event in your area, or find a support group.
  5. Donate to our community fundraisers, or start your own fundraiser!

About the Discussion Corner

The National Parkinson Foundation's Discussion Corner is the place where you can ask questions about Parkinson's disease, connect with Parkinson's patients and caregivers, or simply chat and make friends within our community.

The following discussion corners are currently available:

Ask the Doctor:  Michael S. Okun, M.D., and Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, M.D., answer medical questions regarding Parkinson's disease and related matters.

Pregúntele al Médico: Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, M.D. contesta a preguntas médicas con respecto la enfermedad de Parkinson y a materias relacionadas. Sobre Pregúntele al Médico.

Ask the Surgical Team: Kelly D. Foote, M.D. and Michael Okun, M.D., answer questions about surgical matters and Parkinson's disease. 

Ask the Pharmacist: Mark R. Comes, R.Ph., answers questions on the subject of medication management in controlling Parkinson's disease symptoms.

Ask About Nutrition: Kathrynne Holden, M.S., R.D., answers questions regarding dietary matters and Parkinson's disease. 

Talk to a Speech Clinician: Celia Bassich, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Leslie Mahler, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, MBA, answer questions regarding speech and people with Parkinson's disease. 

Caregivers Forum: A place where caregivers of people with Parkinson's disease can converse and address their unique concerns.

Young Onset Forum: A place to connect with other people diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease.

Open Forum: An unmoderated public forum for open discussion.

Kripalu Retreat Participants' Forum: A place to connect with others who have attended NPF's Kripalu Retreat in Stockbridge, MA. A password is required to access this forum.

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