Ideas to Celebrate Caregivers

  1. Go to dinner at their favorite restaurant
  2. Treat them to a day at a spa
  3. Take them to the movies and buy their favorite treats
  4. Play “tourist” and visit the local attractions
  5. Go to a museum and explore for hours
  6. Go to a play – even a community or high school theater
  7. Plan a picnic with their favorite treats
  8. Take a stroll – or if you’re feeling active go hike or jog together
  9. Plan a trip out of town to give them some time away
  10. Go shopping at their favorite stores
  11. Go to the symphony and get lost in the music
  12. Visit the zoo and spend the most time with their favorite animals
  13. Go to the botanical gardens or take a nature walk
  14. Go to a comedy club and laugh until it hurts
  15. Enjoy brunch at a place they’ve never visited
  16. Go to a sporting event and cheer on their favorite team
  17. Bake a batch of their favorite cookies or their favorite dessert
  18. Go out dancing or take a class at a local studio
  19. Take a painting class together and admire your artwork
  20. Go to an amusement park or fair and act like a kid
  21. Go to the farmers market and then make a meal with what you bought
  22. Go bowling – you can even make a “team” shirt
  23. Take them out for coffee and dessert
  24. Write them a nice note or thank you card telling why they are so special
  25. Make something homemade – sew, knit, bake, build…whatever you’re good at
  26. Make a scrapbook of your relationship and surprise them with it
  27. Bring them flowers or a potted plant
  28. Host a game night and be sure they win a prize
  29. Arrange for someone to clean the house
  30. If they have kids, arrange for a babysitter for a day

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