For Those Who Care For People With Parkinson's

Father, daughter, son; husband, wife, friend. But you also love and care for someone with Parkinson’s. Juggling these roles is not always easy. This portal is tailored for family members, spouses, loved ones or anyone who serves as primary care partners for people with PD. Daily caregiving requires not only a commitment to the identity, health and well-being of the person you are caring for, but also a commitment to yourself. The information on these pages aims to help you maintain the balance. 


PD Caregiving 101: Read more to learn how to navigate the various challenges of caring for someone with PD, what to expect at different stages and how to recognize signs of caregiver stress.

CareMAP: Managing Advanced Parkinson's: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to taking care of someone with PD. It is a journey. The purpose of this site is to provide practical suggestions for coping with the complex problems that arise as a result of advancing Parkinson’s disease. CareMAP is your guide to Managing Advanced Parkinson’s.

PD Library: Gain access to a comprehensive listing of articles, checklists, books, DVDs, videos, webcasts and web sites to help you learn more about PD.

Local Resources: Search for a health care professional, center, chapter or support group in your area.

Discussion Forums: Get connected with professionals and other people caring for people with Parkinson's.

Personal Stories: Learn how others stay positive and embrace the role of caregiver.

Parkinson's Superstars: Read about people who make a difference in the Parkinson's community.

On the Blog: Stay informed with blogs from experienced caregivers.