Shaker Guy

by Evan C. Henry
The word ‘diagnosis’ is intimidating enough without applying it to one’s own life and health.  SHAKER GUY is fiction but it is undeniably based in Evan Henry's own experiences with early onset Parkinson’s disease. His strategy for coping with the diagnosis and all its ramifications for the future included a need to identify, examine and confront the demons on paper.  When Evan sat down with pencil and paper, out came a story. SHAKER GUY takes Guy Hopkins from a life of winding down with Parkinson's to one where he is running for his life as the keeper of high secrets that Washington insiders don't want revealed.  Against the backdrop of stem cell politics, Parkinson's research and the mysterious death of his neurologist, Guy finds new strength and hope for his life with or without Parkinson's disease.

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