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Clenched Fingers/Curled Toes

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Jan 19, 2007
11:03 PM
I'm wondering whether PD (or any of the PD meds) has caused anyone else to experience physical effects similar to what I describe: My left hand now seems always to be clenched, not necessarily tight, but not relaxed either -- I call it "the claw". More troublesome for me is a similar clenching or better described as a curling of the toes on my left foot. One toe has developed into a hammer toe with painful calluses on its tip and the other toes are starting to develop similar calluses. My neurologist wasn't helpful on this concern and the podiatrist that I saw said that lots of people who don't have PD develop hammer toes. I don't like to attribute every ailment to PD, but it seems to me that the development of these physical problems coincides too much with the PD. (I am 52, was diagnosed 6 years ago and am on sinemet and azilect.)


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Jan 20, 2007
4:41 AM
My toes on my left foot do that too..Not bad but enough to get on my nerves.It's usually right before my meds are due. I talked to a women I met in the Dr's office and she said hers were so bad that's what lead her to her diagnoses..I thought it was from my medicine..But my Dr said it is normal with PD. Hope this helps!
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Jan 21, 2007
6:34 PM
Hey Michael, I understand what you are talking about,but my toes on my left foot was dropping before I started meds. I can usually see in pictures of people with PD the claw affect that you are talking about. Mine also is like that. I find myself putting my hand in my pocket, or on my purse to hide it. Sometimes I look down and see my arm propped on my stomach in the claw position. I guess the only thing to do is stay conscience of it and try to keep it moving. I see us as special, we're here to shake this world up. HA HA
34 posts
Jan 22, 2007
9:19 AM
Hi Michael,

I too have "the Claw" (left hand). In fact, that was one of the things which led my neurologist to think I may have PD in the first place. Meds seem to help, but my family practice doctor fit me with a wrist brace to keep the hand from curling up at night, because I was starting to get numbness and tingling in the fingers of that hand. The brace seems to help with that. I try to relax the hand whenever I find myself doing that, or at least open the hand up and brace it on something. No problems with the toes; I can see how that might be a bigger problem because of the shoe issue. Do you find that your PD meds help at all? If so, then I would think it's a PD issue, and not just an unrelated problem. I know what you mean; you don't want to fall into the trap of attributing everything to PD. Still, there are an awful lot of symptoms that Parkies seem to share in common.

Keep posting!

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Jan 22, 2007
4:48 PM
I must say, thank god others are out there. I have tremors in my left hand, and at times, my hand locks up like a claw. I also get restless leg syndrome, but instead of just my legs, it moves up and my body twists and turns and locks up at times.
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Feb 23, 2007
8:12 PM
I am a health care provider. So has anyone found a solution to their toe cramping. I have suggested ankle and foot orthotics to a client I am working with and wondered if anyone else has tried this.
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Feb 28, 2007
11:29 AM
Hello Michael,

I, too, have the "claw" on my left hand...same hand as I have tremor...and was unaware of it until I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and noticed my arm drawn up with my hand to my chest and my hand in the "claw"! No problems with toes, though, although I do tend to get spasms in the bottom of my feet and in my left arm.
I'm only 40 but feel 90 on many days due to stiffness, et al.
But, I can do this and not allow the PD to rule me!
Take care,

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Mar 01, 2007
5:59 AM
MIchael I have the same symptoms developing recently. It is very frustrating
Ellen Hura
5 posts
Mar 03, 2007
2:52 PM
I can respond to all your complaints so I'm thinking we all have the same thing and we are the only ones who know it. I havw=e a problem with swesting, my hand curls, my feet bother me, I choke easily and I have had this for twenty years or so. Perhaps these chats are the best we can do to help our selves.