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Congrats to Joel Davis!

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Aug 22, 2005
3:05 PM
Joel was a YOPA member a few years ago, but took a "leave of absence" to do what he loves to do--writing. Here is the press release of his first published book:

"Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders,"
the acclaimed new book by
award-winning Sacramento author Joel Davis, is
now available
exclusively online through the Callister Press at
www.justicewaits.com. The
site includes a wealth of information, including
photos and an excerpt. The
book chronicles the strange but true history of
the brutal 1980 murders of
beloved sweethearts John Riggins and Sabrina

Five years in the making, "Justice Waits" is a
top-quality 6x9-inch
hardcover printed and bound in the U.S. using
acid-free paper, gold-stamping
on the spine and a quality dust jacket designed
by UC Davis Senior Graphic
Designer extraordinaire Jay Leek.

While we recommend PayPal or credit card
purchases through the online
"shopping cart" available at
www.justicewaits.com, we also accept money
orders, cashier's checks and personal checks
(which must first clear
the bank ... unless we know you). Online and mail
orders -- which include a
unique bookmark crafted by designer Leek and
signed by the author -- are
immediately via Priority Mail and are
shrink-wrapped to ensure quality on

Davis was recently honored in statewide and
national writing competitions
for "Heart of the Gray Matter," a moving cover
story he wrote for the
Sacramento News & Review
He is designating a percentage of any profits
from this project to charities
designated by the Riggins and Gonsalves families,
and to the Parkinson
Association of Northern California, Sacramento.

Order online at www.justicewaits.com or send
payment to:

Callister Press
5541 Callister Ave.
Sacramento, CA, 95819

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Aug 22, 2005
3:09 PM
Time is getting close--register today for the YOPA/PAL Symposium in New Orleans!

This format will be like no other...so register today to have a fun-filled weekend.

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Aug 23, 2005
5:15 AM
I remember Joel.

Congratulations to you Joel!!!!


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Aug 04, 2007
8:04 PM
Just saw 48 hours mystery......
Everyone has a purpose and your purpose was to
help these 2 families
God Bless!
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Aug 31, 2007
9:26 AM
Joel Davis is my personal hero and inspiration. His dogged determination; not taking no for an answer when approaching prosecuters, and his perseverence have made the difference. He got the authorities to move away from the Hunt Group Theory and consider true foresic evidence. Another one of my heros is Andrea Gonzalves Rosenstein, who mentioned that she does something everday to remember Sabrina. Her adoption of three children will surely make this world a better place and is a great tribute to a wonder girl and young lady: Sabrina Gonsalves. After seeing this episode of 48 Hours Mystery and after reading "Justice Waits," I have a deep respect for both the Gonvalves and Riggins families. I also have a great appreciation for the lives that John and Sabrina lived. I read about the many admirable strenghts that Sabrina brought forth including her trip to Germany and her insistence in going to German only schools where she would have to communicate in a totally foreign language to her. She certainly seemed to have a basic goodness about her and a smile that could light up a room from 500 yards away. The end of the 48 Hours episode which I saw for a second broadcast on 8/4/07 is gripping, heartwrencing, moving an gutwrenching. I have never been so affected by a news show. In regards to Joel Davis, sometimes a horrific, unthinkable tragedy like the deaths of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins can bring out the best in people. It could be posited that there is a higher power working through Joel to bring this story to light: a story that would not go away and was demanding to be told. I think this is the case from what I saw in 48 Hours Mystery and from my reading of his book, "Justice Waits. Joel who is fighting a daily rigourous battle with Parkinson's Disease said that he would be willing to write the conclusion of the book wants justice is served. I hope that day will come soon.

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