National Parkinson Foundation Signs Letter to Support NIH 2012 Funding

Release date: 12/9/2011

The National Parkinson Foundation is one of 99 organizations that signed on to the Parkinson’s Action Network letter to the House and Senate to provide a funding increase to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)to support its critical work in 2012.

We, the undersigned patient advocacy groups and supporters of biomedical research, urge you to pass a spending bill for Fiscal Year 2012 that provides the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with a funding increase to support its critical work. NIH biomedical research is vital to millions of Americans awaiting improved health through medical breakthroughs.

We urge you to support the NIH in establishing a National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). NCATS will allow researchers unmatched opportunities to focus on the reengineering of the translational research process, and will connect expertise from the public and private sectors in a spirit of cooperation and pre-competitive transparency.

We also urge you to support funding to allow for the Cures Acceleration Network (CAN) to begin its critical work at NIH to bring forward a new approach for moving high-need medical cures through the development pipeline faster.

Biomedical research is a proven driver of innovation, which is a primary creator of jobs. NIH funding supports more than 350,000 research positions at universities and research institutions across the country. Another 6,000 scientists work in NIH’s own laboratories.

A continued commitment to NIH is more essential than ever, not only to address the country’s growing health concerns but also to spur medical innovation for the next generation of life-saving diagnostics, treatments, and prevention strategies. Without it, people living with devastating diseases will continue to wait and suffer.

Thank you, in advance, for your leadership and for supporting NIH in a way that comes not at the expense of other programs seeking to improve the lives and health of patients.


Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs
Academy of Radiology Research
Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc.
AIDS Action Baltimore
Alliance for Aging Research
Alpha-1 Association
Alpha-1 Foundation
Alstrom Syndrome International
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Alzheimer's Association
American Academy of Neurology
American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association
American Gastroenterological Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
American Society of Neurorehabilitation
Amyloidosis Support Groups
Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Arthritis Foundation
Association of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders, Inc. (AGMD)
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Ataxia Telangiectasia Children’s Project
Batten Disease Support and Research Association
Beyond Batten Disease Foundation
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
Brain Injury Association of America
CANN - Community Access National Network
CARES Foundation, Inc. (Congenital Adrenal hyperplasia Research, Education and Support)
Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University
Children's Sickle Cell Foundation,Inc.
Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research
Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis
Colon Cancer Alliance
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation
COPD Foundation
Costello Syndrome Family Network
Cure Alzheimer's Fund
Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Detroit Medical Reserve Corps
EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases
FOD Family Support Group
FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA)
Genetic Alliance
Hannah's Hope Fund
Hereditary Disease Foundation
Huntington's Disease Society of America
Hydrocephalus Association
Infectious Diseases Society of America
International Essential Tremor Foundation
Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation
Jeffrey Modell Foundation
Kennedy's Disease Association
Lung Cancer Alliance
Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.
M-CM Network
MLD Foundation
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Ataxia Foundation
National Fragile X Foundation
National Gaucher Foundation
National Health Council
National MPS Society
National MS Society
National Osteoporosis Foundation
National Parkinson Foundation
National PKU Alliance
National Psoriasis Foundation
National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association
Noah's Hope Batten Disease Fund
Organic Acidemia Association
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
Parkinson's Action Network
Parkinson's Disease Foundation
PKD Foundation
PXE International
RARE Project
RASopathies Network USA
Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome Foundation
Society for Women's Health Research
Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation
The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration
The Clinical Research Forum
The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
The Parkinson Alliance
The School of Theoretical Modeling
Treatment Action Group (TAG)
Tremor Action Network
Trisomy 18 Foundation
US Hereditary Angioedema Association
VHL Family Alliance