Breaking News: Telemedicine for Parkinson's



This week, NPR spotlighted a story about telemedicine for Parkinson's care — a technology supported by NPF and delivered with great effect by Dr. Ray Dorsey, formerly at the University of Rochester, from his post at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, both NPF Centers of Excellence. The program has been recognized as a model for getting great care to people in their homes. Telemedicine is the treatment of a disease or injury by consultation with a specialist in a distant place, especially by means of a computer or satellite link.

With telemedicine, Parkinson's specialists can help people who otherwise wouldn't have access to expert care. In the profile, Dr. Dorsey is shown providing expert care to people in rural communities, hours away from the nearest Parkinson's expert. In fact, another NPF-funded scientist, Dr. Mark Guttman, has used telemedicine to provide care to patients across Canada and has even helped improve care for patients with Parkinson's in Africa.

Since 1982, NPF has funded more than $155 million in research and support services and continues to be at the forefront of novel ways to deliver quality care to people with Parkinson's.

If you have questions about telemedicine Parkinson's visits, please call NPF's toll-free Helpline at
1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636).

Read the complete story here:
"The Parkinson's Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now"
June 27, 2011